How to Select The Right Type of Vaporizer for Cryogenic Liquid Back Up System?


Backup system for industrial cryogenic liquid vaporizer usually have following types: ambient type vaporizer, water-bath or stream vaporizer, and electrically heated vaporizer.

In most cases, ambient type are the most widely selected. It is not only convenient to manufacture, low cost, but also very simple to operate, almost no maintenance problems. However, it also has a big shortage, that is, the outlet temperature after vaporization is greatly affected by the environment. The design standard is that the product temperature after vaporization is 5~10 degrees lower than the environment temperature. This is fine in most cases, but there are some exceptions. Here is a small problem we encountered in the actual project design.


According to the customer's annual meteorological conditions, the local atmospheric temperature is minus 10 degrees Celsius, the maximum temperature is 45 degrees Celsius, and the customer has no actual requirements for the temperature of the gasified products. Therefore, the ambient type is naturally considered in the early selection. However, in the detailed design stage, the designer found that if the product is vaporized at extremely low temperature ambient condition, the gasified product temperature may reach minus 20 degrees Celsius, so the product temperature is unfavorable for downstream customers. Therefore, after double checked with client, we decided to change the ambient type into water-bath type.


Through this small case, we can understand the importance of environmental temperature for vaporizer's selection and design.


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