FORTUNE is the unique company in the field can provide customize plants in different products, pressure, purity and capacity etc.

The plant capacity can start from 5TPD to 4000TPD, and includes gas plant, liquid plant and mix plant.

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Liquefied Natural Gas Plant

As the earliest China localized LNG system supplier, FORTUNE developed different processes for different size LNG plants, such as DMRC, SMRC and nitrogen recycle etc.

The plant capacity range is from 5TPD to 1600TPD.

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Scale rank:
250m³~50,000 m³ cryogenic carge flat-bottom storage tank 3.5 m³~ 200 m³vacuum powder or high vacuum multi-layer insulated storage tank Cryogenic Liquid Tank Container Skid-mounted gasifying station

Storage medium:
Liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, liquid carbon dioxide, LNG, liquid ethylene and so on,

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Scale rank:
FORTUNE GAS has the workshop and facilities for various coil-wound heat exchanger manufacturing. It has the max. capability to manufacture the heat exchanger of 6m for diameter and 360t for weight.

Application fields:
The heat exchanger can be widely used in large scale chemical fertilizer plant, air separation unit, LNG, coal chemical industry, ethylene engineering, nuclear industry, continuous reforming plant mixed feeding heat exchanger on petrochemical industry and other fields.

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FORTUNE GAS has developed various chemical processes in the cryogenic liquefaction and purification cold boxes and plants, broken the situation of the complete domestic dependence on imports, fully reflected the important role it plays in the field of petrochemical equipment.

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