KDONAr-55200 (2800Y) / 106700 (3929Y) / 1900Y ASU with Argon


Yangquan Coal Industry (Group) Co., Ltd.

Model: KDONAr-55200 (2800Y) / 106700 (3929Y) / 1900Y ASU with argon

Customer Name: Yangquan Coal Industry (Group) Co., Ltd.

Installation Site: Qingxu,Taiyuan city, Shanxi provience

The Process Form:Internal cpmpression with mutual standby pump +full distillation argon recovery

Plant Performance:
GOX: 55200Nm3/h Pressure 5.2Mpa (internal compression)
GAN: 47000Nm3/h Pressure 5.2Mpa (internal compression)
GAN: 60000Nm3/h Pressure 0.8Mpa (external compression)
LOX: 2800Nm3/h
LIN: 3920 Nm3/h
LAR: 1900Nm3/h

Plant Features:
This set of air separation unit is a typical chemical type double pump internal compression process unit, which adopts the large deep cryogenic air separation technology independently developed by FORTUNE.
1. Advanced vertical multi-layer main heat exchanger.
2. The integrated arrangement of the upper column, the main heat exchanger and the lower column, avoiding the performance and safety defects caused by the external main heat exchanger and horizontal main heat exchanger piping.
3. The crude argon column adopts single column design, which simplifies piping and operation.
4. The optimal design and simulation calculation of the two-phase flow pipeline ensure the stability of the working conditions.
5. The heat exchange piping is completely symmetrically arranged to ensure a good heat exchange effect.
6. Advanced control concept to ensure the safe and smooth operation of the plant.

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