Full Liquid Air Separation Unit

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Full Liquid Air Separation Unit  Data Sheet
ModelProduction CapacityProduction Purity or Impurity
5TPDTYPE l160//99.6//
TYPE ll/200//≤10ppm O2/
10TPDTYPE l23367/99.6≤10ppm O2/
TYPE ll/300//≤10ppm O2/
15TPDTYPE l39163/99.6≤10ppm O2/
TYPE ll/454//≤10ppm O2/
30TPD800502099.6≤10ppm O2≤2ppm O2+2ppmN2
50TPD12003004099.6≤10ppm O2≤2ppm O2+2ppmN2
100TPD30003009099.6≤10ppm O2≤2ppm O2+2ppmN2
200TPD3000300017099.6≤10ppm O2≤2ppm O2+2ppmN2
400TPD6000600035099.6≤10ppm O2≤2ppm O2+2ppmN2

Note: Customized design and manufacture for all kinds of full liquid air separation plant are available. 

FORTUNE adopted different process like air cycle process, nitrogen cycle process, low temperature refrigerating process etc. to reduce power consumption.

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