High Purity Nitrogen Plant

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Standardized High Purity Nitrogen Plant Data Sheet
ModelGAN  Capacity Range(Nm³/h) Nitrogen ImpurityOutlet Pressure
KDN400400≤3ppm O₂6~11 bara
KDN1000800~1200≤3ppm O₂6~11 bara
KDN20001500~2200≤3ppm O₂6~11 bara
KDN30002200~3200≤3ppm O₂6~11 bara
KDN60004800~6300≤3ppm O₂6~11 bara
KDN1000010000≤3ppm O₂6~11 bara
KDN2000020000≤3ppm O₂6~11 bara

Note: The high purity nitrogen plant  capacity can be re-designed as per customer's detailed requirement.

High purity nitrogen plants are designed and built with the highest standards of reliability and efficiency to meet customer's various demands.

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