Mini LNG Skid Plant Liquefaction Nature Gas Plant

FORTUNE developed different processes for small size LNG plant, such as SMRC, nitrogen recycle etc. The Min skid mounted plant capacity is 5TPD.


Liquified Natural Gas Plant 
Product Capactiy          Process            Cryogenic comp NG comp 
Small LNG 100~800TPD 1. Single or Mixed Refrigerant
2. high/low temperature nitrogen with double expansion  
3. with high/low pressure nitrogen with double expansion  
4. MRC with high pressure coil wound heat exchanger  
Reciprocating compressor
Screw compressor 
Centrifugal compressor

No compressor
or Reciprocating compressor
Screw compressor

Centrifugal compressor        

Mini LNG 50~100TPD
Mirco LNG 10*10 Nm3/d


Note: Customized design and manufacture for all kinds of LNG plant are available. 


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